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Modern Times May Mean Weaker Biceps for Women
Posted December 8, 2017 WEDNESDAY, Nov. 29, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- A life of hard farm work apparently gave ancient women stronger arm bones than modern women, even today's elite rowers. That's the finding  ...
Vitamin D Levels Vary by Season
Are you taking your daily vitamin D supplement? You should be, especially during the winter. New research finds that Americans' vitamin D levels vary throughout the year, peaking in August and bottoming out in  ...
Move to Improve Vitamin D Testing Accuracy
Jessica M. Morrison A test for vitamin D that was once reserved for patients with unusual bone fracturing or those at risk for osteoporosis has now found popularity in doctor's offices alongside tests for cholesterol  ...
The Benefits of Walking
Jennifer Gordon, St. Joseph News-Press, Mo. The St. Joseph YMCA and Heartland Health celebrated National Walking Day. The awareness day sponsored by the American Heart Association encouraged people to walk to  ...

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