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Understanding Arthritis
Sarah Lundgren, The Brunswick News, Ga Many people dismiss aches and pains as everyday occurrences, especially younger persons. But taking care of the body's joints is important at any age to help avoid problems  ...
Easy Ways to Make Turmeric Part of Your Daily Diet
Posted July 30, 2016 It's true that adding more turmeric to your diet isn't going to instantly transform your health, but over time it could certainly make an important difference. Research shows this flavorful  ...
Exercise Fights Age-Related Muscle Loss
NewsRX Health & Science By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at VerticalNews Health & Science -- Hong Kong, China - A cross-sectional study by investigators from Tokyo University has found that exercising in  ...
Getting Gout to Go Away
What you should know: The pain caused by the disease of gout can be relieved with the right treatment, careful nutrition, weight loss and fluids. Pain occurs when sharp uric acid crystals form in one or more  ...

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