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Children More Distracting Than Cell Phones to Drivers
Most parents know that their children's backseat bickering can be one of the most annoying things they face on the road. Now a new study says children may be a bigger distraction for drivers than talking or  ...
Drowsy Driving is Dangerous
According to research from PCP research, commissioned and published by motor insurer Liverpool Victoria (LV) today, 1 in 10 UK motorists admit to having slept at the wheel within the past 12 months. Although in the  ...
Safety Issues for Senior Drivers
Scott Shenk When it comes to driver safety, teens are often singled out. Today, we'll flip that to the other end of the spectrum--elderly drivers. The baby boomer generation is getting up there in years, and  ...
Health Issues Aboard Airplanes More Common
Anonymous As people with preexisting health conditions take more airplane trips and flight times lengthen, medical problems aboard planes are increasing. A study published online in the Lancet in Feb 2009 cited  ...

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