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Tips to Stay Fit on the Road
Here are my top five tips on how to keep fit on the road. 1. Learn about what you can do with body-weight exercise. A few push ups in your hotel room require nothing but determination. 2. Don't skip  ...
Travel with Probiotics
Making travel plans for this Holiday Season? While researching destinations, booking flights and getting travel documents in order, consider starting a regimen of probiotics to prevent Traveler’s Diarrhea. Probiotics  ...
Stay Healthy When Traveling Overseas
Many prospective travelers are often deterred from journeying to developing nations for fear of contracting a disease. Stories of tainted drinking water, malaria-carrying mosquitoes, and other pathogens prevent these  ...
Don't Let Travel Be a Pain in the Neck
Marjie Gilliam Road to fitness According to a study by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, some of the most common causes of back and neck pain include lying, sitting or standing in awkward  ...

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